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My Enclave system seems to power down or shut off randomly, what can I do?

We have been receiving reports from a small base of customers that are experiencing a random shutdown/reboot of the Enclave Smart Center. 

We have found that this occurs in certain customer environmental conditions and our engineers  have isolated the issue. We have updated our firmware which has proven successful for some customers. In cases whereby the firmware update does not resolve the issue, we will provide a replacement center speaker power supply with improved power management that has proven effective in resolving this in finality for those customers.

Please be sure you have downloaded and installed the latest firmware revision available through the Enclave Android App, Enclave Windows Desktop App, or Mac OS app, (unfortunately updates cannot be performed with iOS devices due to restrictions on the device in place from Apple related to the limitation on file transfers via bluetooth.)

For instructions on how to install the latest firmware, you can find it here:

The firmware updates have proven to resolve this issue for some customers.

If you have downloaded the latest firmware and are still experiencing the issue, please let us know by submitting a trouble ticket at so we can assist in resolving it for you on a case by case basis.