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Enclave UMAP Policy



Enclave Audio has updated this Policy as of August 20, 2017 replacing all previous policies and is applicable to all sales to Enclave Audio Customers located in the United States with respect to each of the designated product series and corresponding models. This policy is non-negotiable and will not be altered, modified, or amended for any Authorized Retailer.

In order to successfully compete in the marketplace and to maintain its premium brand image, Enclave Audio LLC has implemented this Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“UMAP”). Therefore, all sales made by Enclave Audio’s Authorized Retailers to End Users of products listed in Schedule A of the Unilateral Grid inside the United States shall be subject to this Unilateral Policy.

Products covered by this Policy for UMAP Products are established on select Enclave Audio products as set forth on “Schedule A” attached hereto. Enclave Audio reserves the right to alter, modify, suspend, or cancel this Unilateral Policy, the products covered and/or the minimum advertised prices. Enclave Audio’s Authorized Distributors will be required to notify their customers of this Unilateral Policy and notify Enclave Audio of any UMAP violations.

Advertising a combination of Product(s) from this Unilateral Grid with any other product for a price lower than the combined price of what the two (2) products are advertised at independent of each other, is not in acquiescence with Enclave Audio’s Unilateral Policy.
The issuance of non-Enclave Audio generated rebates (in any form) on a Product(s) listed in this Unilateral Grid is not in acquiescence with Enclave Audio’s Unilateral Policy.

Advertising that requests the End User “call for best price,” or “add to cart for best price” is not in acquiescence with Enclave Audio’s Unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy. Any promotional product price promotion including direct mail or e-mail percentage off offers including third party coupon codes must be approved in writing by Enclave Audio before any offers are solicited by the Authorized Retailer.

Note that compliance requires pricing on marketplace locations to include the exact pricing in schedule A and that round offs to a lower dollar or cents off is not in acquiescence with Enclave Audio’s Unilateral Policy.

Each Enclave Audio Customer is free to independently decide whether or not to follow this Policy. Enclave Audio does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from a Customer regarding this Policy, nor will Enclave Audio discuss any conditions on acceptance related to this Policy. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary which may be expressed or implied in or by one or more agreements between the Customer and Enclave Audio (including without limitation any Enclave Audio agreement), nothing in those agreements shall constitute an agreement by the Customer to comply with the Policy. Honoring the Policy by selling at or above Universal Minimum Advertised Price is not communicating acceptance or compliance.

No Enclave Audio representative or employee has authority to modify or alter this Policy, including the UMAP Administrator. Should a Customer learn of any modification of this Policy or an attempt to do so, the Customer should immediately notify the Enclave Audio UMAP Policy Administrator in writing.

1) Used, Reconditioned, or Damaged UMAP Products: This Policy applies only to new, unused,and undamaged UMAP Products. The new nature of a UMAP Product may not be intentionally altered in order to avoid compliance of this Policy. The retail invoice covering other than “new” UMAP Products must clearly identify the used, damaged, or reconditioned product.

2) Discontinued Product: When Enclave Audio discontinues a UMAP designated product from the Enclave Audio offering, it will be removed from the guidelines of UMAP. Effective date of discontinuance will be supplied by the UMAP Administrator.

3) Employee Purchase Programs: Resale of UMAP Product by a Customer to Customer’s employees under an employee purchase program and by Enclave Audio to employees for the employee’s personal use is exempt from this policy.

The only Enclave Audio representative authorized by Enclave Audio to answer questions regarding this Policy is the UMAP Policy Administrator. Please submit all comments and questions in writing to:

UMAP Policy Administrator
Rob Jones

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